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a bunch Europeans and Americans that followed their childhood dreams of making great films, series and content

based in Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

a creative production and post-production company

Our Story

Left Productions is an award-winning full-service production company based in Paris, Los Angeles, and New-York.
Our work consists of Commercials, Music Videos, and Branded Content.
Since our inception in 2012, we've developed innovative production methods as well as built an amazing network of creatives from across the world. We are able to fine-tune their vision through our talented art department and in-house post-production staff.


The ideas Left Productions briefed us on were creative and amazing.

Although faced with a short timeline, Left Productions was helpful and thorough, and they took the time to understand the goals of the project. The team provided great value through their work.

Ranya El Bissouri
Former VP of Marketing, MedicAnimal

The stakeholders are impressed with the team's collaborative and creative nature. The team's production service is competent and agile. They are able to exceed the client's expectations with how they accomplish projects with tight deadlines.

Akila Robinson
VP Creative Services, Warner Records


Augustin de Belloy
Boris Labourguigne


Laura Duchesne
Creative Producer / Head of Music
Adam Armesto
Creative Producer


Benoît Berland
Head of Productions
Cylia Karour
Production Manager

Art direction

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Post production

Charlotte Domingos
Head of Post-Production
Lucie Marcati
Chief Video Editor
Marin Genevois
Post-Production Assistant

Support Functions

Marivé Barlier
Chief Operating Officer
Gaëlle Mercier
Office & Event Manager
Hana Taleb
Production and Marketing Manager
Hugo Jouffre
Web Master


We are dedicated to uniting diverse cultures and harnessing the power of images to shape perceptions, inspire and foster global transformations.

We Are

  • French-American: With bases in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, LEFT embodies a cross-continental spirit.
  • Passionate: Passion is our guiding light. Pursuing childhood dreams of crafting exceptional content, we are fueled by an unwavering love for every facet of production.
  • Forward-Thinking: We actively pursue novel models and solutions, aspiring to champion ideas that will shape tomorrow.
  • Inclusive: We strive to unite talents from all walks of life, collaboratively working with an urge to pioneer new modes of expression.

Our vision

To catalyze global change, LEFT envisions a future where creative industries flourish with decentralized decision-making. Our goal is to empower individuals to collaboratively shape the world we aspire to see.

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