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16 video ads that will inspire 2016

To wish you a happy new year 2016 and to inspire you, here is a selection of 16 ad campaigns that we particularly loved this year!



Squatty Potty - "This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop" Not far from a million shares, 46 millions views on Facebook, 12 millions on Youtube, Squatty Potty managed a tour de force. Its quirky ad managed to sky rocket its sales on Amazon.com. Our hats are drawn.


Claricup - "Sauvez un Vampire" DIRECTED BY US - We must tell the truth about menstruation! Through the words of a young vampire, we present the Claricup a menstrual cup in a slightly discomforting video directed by Thibault Oskian that gathered 2,2 M views on Facebook.


Geico - "Family - Unskippable" Geico has successfully completed a master stroke at the beginning of 2015, with a series of campaign "unskippable" playing on a very short message. Simple, quick, effective and more than 8 Million views on Youtube, a clever idea to save on media buy!



Poo Pourri - "Imagine where you can go" How to better speak of a toilet deodorizer than with a song? A new monument of pop culture with 12 million views. Oh, and you know that the 1st Poo-Pourri video ad that reached 35 million views, was directed by one of our directors, Joel Ackerman, who gathered more than 100M views all together on Youtube, click here to find out!


Hamac - "Swing le Hamac" DIRECTED BY US - A diaper, what is it? A stink bomb that costs an arm and a leg. Baby, you may not realize it but your small needs are killing us! Song by Claire de Belloy, directed by Thibault Oskian and it gathered 1,4 M views on Facebook.



Dayuse - "the Butler Lewis" DIRECTED BY US - By reusing Wes Anderson's codes, we created the character of Lewis the Butler campaigning for us to at last fully honor hotels by using them at the best time: daytime! His message was seen by 1 million pair of eyes! Directed by Pomsé Pomvé.


Greenpeace - "Winter Is Not Coming" Greenpeace is well known for its shock campaigns. By faking a new trailer for the next season of Game of Thrones, Greenpeace made a strong impression. Results: 600,000 views on YouTube in less than 2 weeks. 


EDEKA - "#heimkommen" In less than 2 minutes, EDEKA tells a beautiful story about the importance of family, and reached in less than a month close to 50 million views.

Parody Ad


MTV - "White Squad (MTV's Look Different campaign)" The video has only 500,000 views on Youtube, but we must bow to MTV's inspiration for "White People"documentary promotion. This false ad for a rental company of "white people" for people discriminated against is both offbeat and awfully good. 



Publicis Group - "2016 Wishes" Publicis signs a very special wish card for the holiday season. The group smartly mocks the users' impatience towards Youtube's pre-rolls. WE love it !

Children, they're cute


Metlife - "My dad's story" Metlife deserves the golden globe for dad's tears dropping sequence. The video "My Dad's story" perfectly played the "sacrifice of the father for his child"'s card perfectly. Result: 1.5 million shares, 18 million views on Youtube and 3 pools filled with our tears.


Fanpage.it - "Slap her: children's reactions" We know it, making campaigns with children, when done right, works. Fanpage.it knows it, and shows it with this vox pop. The truth comes out of the mouths of children, and the numbers follow. 2.3 million shares, more than 30 million views on Youtube, that deserves respect.

Animals, they're even cuter


Android - "Friends Furever" Simple and awfully good! Animals of different species play together. Damn they're are good at Android. 6.4 Million shares and more than 21 million views.


Kleenex - "Unlikely Best Friends" This is not the only campaign launched by Kleenex around animals and disability but it has been particularly effective with 2 million shares. You can see there, the expertise of Kleenex on branding, the video is beautiful, the message warms the hearts, two stumps up.  



Supercell - "Clash of Clans: Revenge" The gaming app for smartphone and tablet offered itself the presence of none other than Liam Neeson for his new campaign. A largely profitable investment since the video was shared more than a million times and gained around 10 million YouTube views.


Microsoft - "Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm" Not that much of a surprise, when Iron Man himself puts a smile on a child, we look, we love and we share. 2.1 million shares and 10 million views on Youtube seems to be a natural consequence of the excellent Microsoft campaign. Watch out Captain America.

Bonus: 2 music video made by us


Fréro Delavega - Your Face. We realized the last music video of Fréro Delavega entitled "Ton visage" from their latest album "Des ombres et des lumières". The stop-motion video fits into the dream world of the artists. 1.1 million views. 


Lara Fabian - Quand je ne chante pas. For the return of Lara Fabian, Pomsé Pomvé imagined a sequence shot in a pop up setting both colorful and wonderful.

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