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How to reduce your cost per acquisition by 25% for a beauty app?

Balinea, France's leader in Beauty & Wellness booking, tried a new marketing approach for their last digital campaign: they decided to use video ad not as a branding tool but as a performance tool.

Using video as a performance tool

In the first half of 2016, Balinea decided to create his first video ad campaign. The goal was clear: more performance on its core target, mainly urban women 25-45 years old, ultra-connected and interested in beauty treatments. 

Balinea chose Left Productions, a video production company that specializes on video acquisition campaigns, and TubeReach, a media buy agency that works hand in hand with Left Productions on their campaigns.

By combining their expertise, both agencies were able to respond to the initial brief with the following concept: a working girl gets up from her desk, dives into her screen and lands in the pool of a luxurious Spa. She then reveals her beauty tip: Balinea. Hairdresser, Beauty institute, massage, everything is there!

More than 20 different versions of the video to test the reaction of the audience

20 versions of key scenes were integrated right from the beginning . Thus, nearly 60 different videos have been tested by TubeReach on Facebook and YouTube two weeks before the launch of the campaign, in order to build audiences based on THE most powerful video for the official launch of the campaign. We analyzed:

  • The viewing rate
  • The video's CTR
  • The conversion rate

For example, we had a version with a very long call to action at the end which obtained a CTR 30% higher than the version with a shorter one. In the end, we kept the long video (1 minute 30).

After these tests, Left Productions was able to combine the most effective scenes to edit the final version of the video.  

10 day media plan

Starting 25 March 2016, a important 10 days media plan was set up to maximize the number of highly qualified views, thanks to the targeting options offered by Facebook Ads and YouTube. In addition, in the first hours of broadcasting, we got a massive organic relay via likes, comments and shares on Facebook. This phase of organic seeding, short but essential, boosted the performances of the media buy. 

Lookback on the performance

In 10 days, the video has gathered a total of 1 million qualified views on Facebook and YouTube, which led to a 30% boost in sales.. Compared to display campaigns usually launched on Facebook, CTR was twice as important, so was the conversion rate and the acquisition cost (25% lower). Here is everything explained in an infographic: 

To download this infographic, click right here.

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