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We launched right.video: find the right videos and creators in seconds


PARIS 04/03/19 right.video is a video search engine that was created to make life easier for communications and marketing specialists in their quest for video references and talents.

The platform is already being used by companies like Coca-Cola,Quad Productions or Ogilvy.

Finding the right reference for a project requires a lot of time and resources: Vimeo or Youtube are not tailored to highly specific searches and Creative Directors, Producers and even Directors waste a lot of time trying to find the one video that will perfectly illustrate the project they wish to create.

This is the conclusion reached by Augustin de Belloy, co-founder at Left Productions, after he worked in the industry for the past 6 years:

“One day, we received a brief from an agency that wanted to make an epic car ad with classical music. I had the perfect reference and director in mind, but it took me 3 days to actually find the links to these references! We face this issue daily. To overcome it, we have developed right.video.”

After developing and testing the product for a whole year, right.video is now accessible to all professionals.

right.video: a simple and unique platform

You can search by “keyword”: type of product, setting, tone, visual style, clients, technique, etc…

Example: a search with the keywords “car” + “music video” + “drone”

Results appear and videos can be viewed in one click.

Each video is credited (Director and Production Company) and the objective is to identify all professionals that participated in the making of the film, from the Director to the Artistic Director and the Production Designer, etc… You can then click names and see the creators’ works. You can also create reels and share them.

Content is added following the directors and productions companies’ approval. The market is constantly being scanned by a dedicated team to maintain a high reactivity. As of today, the database contains more than 5000 videos and grows by 2000 more each month.

Here is a demo of right.video

right.video is free and will eventually function on a freemium model basis: features are being developed for brands. They will be able to receive Trending Content Lists tailored to their needs, agencies will be able to build collaborative playlists, comment and share them and production companies will be able to directly integrate the video search engine to their own websites for people to quickly discover references they are looking for.

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