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Have YouTubers become more popular than celebrities?

It’s official: teenagers prefer YouTubers over football players, actors, reality TV celebs, etc.

In August, Variety published a ranking of teen's favorite celebrities among American teenagers. The ranking revealed the growing popularity of vloggers compared to Hollywood stars, with a top 5 made of YouTubers only. A few days ago, the trend was confirmed in the UK with an article from the Daily Mail: 40% of Britons aged 16-25 prefer becoming professional podcasters rather than studying law, politics or even become a Reality TV or football star. Quite a change…

How can we explain the popularity of YouTubers? Proximity is the main criteria for digital natives. YouTubers seem like « normal » celebrities, with whom teenagers can easily identify: they speak with their fans just like they do with their friends, listen to them, share intimate moments of their lives…YouTube users look for authenticity, something that other media can’t offer. Teenagers help Celebs 2.0 achieve their dreams, and like the idea that they can chose who’s gonna be next. Internet celebrities are redefining the idea of fame, by bringing closeness and simplicity into the mix.

Posted on 3 October 2014

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