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How much time does it take to create a video campaign?

In short: 2 months before launch date.

For example, if the goal is to launch a video ad before the summer, the best time to start working on it is the beginning of February. 

You'll be able to launch your video in April and use it in May and June.

Here is a general timeline of our production process as an example:

Find the right idea for a campaign - 2 weeks

We have our creative brief filled out, with about 20 questions answered by the client (what key messages they want to convey, what call-to-action they want to have in the video, what resources they have, what their budget is, etc).

We then brainstorm with our creative team and produce 3 ideas specifically tailored to the client.

The client then selects their favourite idea.

Create the video - 1 month

We then develop the script, create a storyboard, prepare the team, select the location and, if needed, cast the actors.

We then let our clients know we're about to start shooting the video and invite them along to watch. 

Several edits are then made to the video during the review process with the client.

Test the videos - 2 weeks

The client is then provided with several versions of the video that they can go on to A/B test (this phase helps ensure that the campaign achieves the highest possible performance).

Digital campaigns can be tested directly online, on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

For TV campaigns, we use solutions like Crowd Emotion, which records the receptiveness of voluntary viewers using their webcam.


We can also complete this whole process in less than a month for some of our clients who have tight deadlines. Although, it depends on the number of projects we have at that moment.If you've found this useful don't hesitate to contact us to talk about your project!

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