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Kylie Jenner and Adidas Originals launch a new global campaign for Falcon SS19

December 2018

It's been a busy year for our team at Left Productions. We’ve just recently finished the production of an Adidas Originals Falcon SS19 global video ad campaign with agency Johannes Leonardo. The project stars Kylie Jenner creative directing and designing in her own vibrantly neon lit chop shop. The star with over 120 million instagram followers is shown customizing a 90’s sports car while flaunting 2 new Adidas Falcon shoe colorways and outfits. Stunning VFX modifies the car in real time creating a truly dazzling effect on the piece.

Kylie Jenner showing off her Adidas outfit and shoes in her workshop.

The spot was directed and edited by one of our roster directors, Glassface (Josh Goldenberg), who is a Director/VFX Artist combo who brings a unique style to his work with more than 100 million views on his videos (see work here). The DP of the piece, Russ Fraser, and Glassface are longtime collaborators.

Kylie Jenner testing colors for her custom sports car.

The production took place over 2 days in Los Angeles, CA. The piece was Executive Produced by Blase Biello, Boris Labourguigne, and Augustin de Belloy of Left Productions and Line Produced by John Gomez. Production Designed by Carlos Laszlo, Colored by Arianna Shining Star Pane at Apache Digital, and VFX was spearheaded by Glassface, Edy Enriquez, and Alex Popov in collaboration with VFX company, Apparatus Effects.

You can watch the film here.

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