Left Productions is YouTube Certified

YouTube certifies companies that have demonstrated particular expertise on important themes of the YouTube ecosystem by including them in a YouTube Certified directory (See the list). For the occasion, we'll disclose 7 tips or often disregarded Youtube features.


# 1 Show hidden video statistics

Under the Video is the "more ..." tab that can report the video or view stats (number of views, subscriptions, sharing) daily and cumulative (see image below).

# 2 Share the video at a time T

You can share a moment of a video. A simple right click on the player and voila (see image below).

# 3 Insert a watermark Branding

If you have a YouTube channel and you want to class it up, we recommend that you install a branding watermark that will be placed automatically at the top right corner of all your videos and allow users to easily subscribe (see image below).

# 4 Disable annotations

Pop-up annotations annoy you? Turn them off once and for all. Log into your YouTube account, then your account settings, use the Playback tab (see image below).

# 5 Specify research

You can filter your searches on YouTube.

To narrow the search to videos containing your keyword in the title, type "allintitle:" followed by your keywords. If you insert a "-" before the keywords, videos related to this particular keyword won't appear. Finally, braquets allow you to search for an exact phrase. You can also use all these tips at the same time (see image below).

# 6 The Easter eggs

YouTube has hidden Easter eggs on its platform. You can try typing either:

Use the force LukeBeam me up ScottyDo the harlem shake

# 7 Add-ons

There are several add-ons that enhance the user experience. Among the most important there is turn off the lights, which darkens the rest of the screen and Smart Breaks to pause the video when you change tab.

5 March 2015

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