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Left Productions rated among top 15 worldwide

Clutch Named Left Productions Among 15 Global Leaders in Video Production

This week, research firm Clutch has announced 475+ Global Leaders as a result of their ongoing research on business service providers. The announcement includes nearly 50 research categories, ranging from app development to creative agencies. We’re proud that Left Productions has earned a place among Clutch’s aims to provide business service providers and business buyers with the platform they need to connect and be more successful together. With an in-depth methodology and the collection of verified reviews, the research provides holistic views of each agency involved and their ability to deliver excellent results in their field. Of the 750+ video production companies evaluated worldwide, Left Productions ranks #5 on Clutch’s list.

Our film crew in Spain for Ofenbach's music clip "Katchi"

Of course, ever award we win is exciting. What makes this award even better is that our clients won it for us. So far, four of our clients have left 5-star reviews on, and we couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve had to say about our work:

 “Prior to this video, we didn’t have a live-action summary of how our product worked, which is critical for our business. We placed this video on our main home page and did a lot of A/B testing. We definitely saw a double-digit increase in conversion, with home page visitors going on to try our product.”

 “We really liked the fact that they were very direct. Often agencies and production companies tend to hold back, and that can waste a lot of cycles trying to get to the point. We built a trusting relationship from the beginning that allowed them to tell us what challenges and changes they were seeing. They were also flexible when we wanted to make changes and were really receptive to our feedback as well. We didn’t feel like we were wasting time trying to communicate with each other.”  

“Internally, the team emphasized how much we needed the video. It is now included in every single e-mail that we send to potential clients or to customers. We also received feedback from other CEOs that it was really helpful in explaining what [our company] does.”

Our relationship with Clutch is ongoing, and we’re encouraging our clients to speak with the Clutch team about their thoughts on our work. We’re looking forward to seeing more feedback and finding out where we’ll land on Clutch Global Leaders list in 2018.

DesignRush featured Left Productions in their 'Top 25 DesignRush’s Video Production Companies'

We are also very happy to be recognized as a top Video Production Company on DesignRush.

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