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T-Pain and Instagram-dogs in Atlanta, Georgia !

Storyboard from T-Pain "It's My Dog's Birthday" by Jake LARSEN (IG: @jakelarsenart)


For his title ‘It’s my Dog’s Birthday’, T-Pain trusted Andy KOEGER (who is part of our roster) and Left Productions US. Andy has, among other things, collaborated with the band Alabama Shakes (who won 4 Grammy Awards), the label Stones Throw Records (Aloe Blacc, MF Doom, Madlib…) and directed an ad for the last Super Bowl (Jamie Casino 2018).

« I'm on set looking at the monitor- T-Pain's grilling up t-bone steaks and singing about how much he loves dogs, I'm like, this just feels right. I was simply honored to be a part of it and am glad everyone was down for my weird ideas. » Andy KOEGER

We post some storyboards and BTS pictures / videos on our Instagram account.

The American Rapper decided to go big for ‘Dog’s Birthday’ and to organize a typical American pool party in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia. Guests are none other than influencer dogs, who have thousands of followers on Instagram, and T-Pain’s fans’ dogs themselves.

In order to find the best dogs for his music video, T-Pain launched a contest a few weeks ago on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #dogBARKdaycontest. As a result, more than 300 influencer dogs participated and a dozen were selected. A winning operation for the rapper who knew how to mobilize his fans before the shoot.

This shoot was a rather technical one because of the dogs, and we are proud of the result, and of the collaboration between our Paris and Los Angeles offices. 6 years ago, we transitioned from Youtube channel 3ème Gauche to Left Productions in order to grow and make this kind of shoot happen, and we are happy and blessed to be working with great artists.

Here is the Behind-the-scenes video of this shoot :

« It was awesome to finally work with Left after following their work for some time. They really went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed to make the vid the best it could possibly be. Also everyone at Left is a homie now, a very welcoming community. I was thrilled to have connected with them and am stoked to stay in touch. » A. KOEGER.

Follow us on Instagram to find out the Behind-The-Scenes of the shoot: http://instagram.com/leftproductions.

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