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This pooping unicorn made more than 40 million views

We're presenting today's sensation : Squatty Potty or how to sell a stool helping you bowl mouvements using a famous internet meme (the rainbow-farting unicorn). Close to 40 M views on Facebook and Youtube but a well thought campaign first and foremost.

After solely a month, Squatty Potty's unique campaign, for a stool-facilitating stool, in which we watch a unicorn poop an attractive ice cream, gathered more than 34 millions views on Facebook and 6M on Youtube !

Why such a success ?

Squatty Potty used the now famous rainbow-farting unicorn trend. The video was shot as a playfull and funny tutorial, we can see a charming prince explaining to us how to use this strange object and pushing the joke to its climax using the hashtag #UnicornPoop.

3 interesting things to remember:

- The buzz was obviously initiated by an important media buy, the sharing rate was around 2% (which is already a good score considering the video has been shared more than 900,000 times).

- The video manage to sell the product: this is not an useless buzz, but a buzz that sells the product directly.

- This is a campaign that has relied on an already viral phenomenon (farting unicorn).

So that's what's happening in the United States. In Europe, there is Left Productions! After 150 M views, we'd love to continue with you. Do not hesitate to contact us: contact (at) leftproductions.com / 09 73 66 66 06.

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