What month is best to launch your campaign?

An outlook showing monthly CPM trends.
We wanted to know how much advertising prices drop in January. And generally speaking, when is the best time to advertise?
If you’re flexible on your advertising dates, then January, February, July and August seem to be the way to go. This may comes as no surprise to some, but we now have the data to prove it!
We’ve taken our data from YouTube in particular, using our YouTube channel dedicated to music: 3èmeGauche. To date it’s gathered more than 55 million views from its global audience. Having analysed the performance over the past 4 years, we found:
  • Prices drop in January by about 20%.
  • The least expensive months of the year are January (-18% compared to the rest of the year), February (-4%), July (-9%) and August (-5%).
  • June, on the contrary, is the most expensive month (+10%), followed by September (+7%), May (+6%), November (5%) and December (3%).
Here are the prices per month compared to yearly average prices:

And here is the evolution of global cost per thousand views (CPM) over the last 4 years:

Of course, this is only for YouTube, but we can reasonably assume that trends are similar across other digital and TV channels.
If you’d like to make the most of this, call us! We create and distribute rather excellent videos at lightning speeds.
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