Charlie Paul

Charlie Paul has been directing film and television projects and commercials for twenty-five years. During this celebrated career he has been awarded over thirty international advertising awards including D&AD, Clio's, BTAA, Rank cinema and a BAFTA for his 'Inside Art' series for Channel 4. During the last ten years Charlie has added to his talents and become renown as a Director with specialist motion-control experience. His technical knowledge in shooting on a variety of formats, skilled lighting techniques, and innovative approaches to problem solving are unprecedented. He has phenomenal drive and his continued commitment to perfection for each client and agency is a rare and exceptional gift. He has built a loyal and vast client base with commercial clients including: Harrods, Halifax, Aldi, Samsung, Bacardi, Nescafe, Boots, Debenhams, McDonald’s, Becks, Waitrose, United Biscuit, Scholl, Walkers Crisps, Subway, Sainsbury’s, Kellogg’s, Littlewoods, Cesar dog food, Sheba cat food, Pizza Hut, Comet, Beefeater, Gordon’s Gin, McCain’s, Muller, Unilever, Domino’s Pizza, Co-op, M&S, Oust, Fairy, and Kingsmill.
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