Magellan (FR, UK)

Magellan Rubin is a writer-director with a passion for telling emotionally charged stories that are visually distinctive. As a triplet in a big family, he’s always been drawn to character relationships and more specifically, stories about love. Across all mediums, he just wants to create content that invites audiences into a world and impacts them. In 2018, he began writing and developing his first feature, “A Violent Dance”, a sports comeback story at the fringe of culture. With a background in cinematography, Magellan continues to blend his impeccable eye for visual detail with a keen sense of narrative propulsion. He’s helmed music videos for major artists like G-Eazy and commercials for leading brands like Mercedes-Benz. His latest work represents an interest in imaginative worlds and experimental techniques that challenge the limits of storytelling. Magellan’s recognitions are all the more impressive for a young director with a massive ceiling. He spent his formative years in Boulder, but currently resides in Hollywood.
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