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Jules Renault

Jules Renault is a French director and photographer from Paris, whose visual aesthetics are heavily influenced by late 1990s / early 2000s hip-hop music, inline street skating videos and fashion. Ten years ago, after EICAR (International Film School of Paris), Jules left Paris as both a passionate skater and aspiring filmmaker to relocate to Boston, MA with the ambition to both skate with local crews and find opportunities to direct his first films in America. As a director, Jules’ work includes music videos, short films as well as commercials and brand content for companies like Adidas, Nike, L’Oréal and Hennessy. Jules edits most of his films himself, which confers an ability to get the best out of each shots in a authentic and impactful way. It guarantees a singular style and a full immersion in each of his projects. In his personal work, Jules is particularly drawn to documentary-style filmmaking, which he was able to explore in projects such as “Phtalo Blue”, a touching study of his father’s work as a painter, or “Melt, a Smoking Story”, a short documentary about American BBQ culture which was selected and awarded in several documentary film festivals in The U.S. He recently edited a limited documentary photo book for his first solo exhibition « Crown Heights • Suspended in Time », and now answers to photo campaigns. Jules spends most of his free time working analog video / photo, always looking for new visual experiments, stimulated by this ambition of concealing classicism in images and modernity in his rhythm with a style that defines him.
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