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Tango & Cash

Before becoming a duo, Tango x Cash built their carrier on their own and worked on several big projects led by major artists. Aware of our time where Post-Production strongly matters and conscious of their complementarity, they decided to create their duo in 2017. Tango (Ed Picard) used to be Art Director for Thierry Mugler, famous Director and Fashion Designer. He assisted Manfred Thierry Mugler in the creation of the Parisian Cabaret ""Mugler Follies"" and the Europe's biggest show: ""The Wyld"" in Berlin's Friedrichstadt-Palast. Tango started writing & directing videos as a teenager and never stopped since. In 2015 he decided to devote his whole time to his passion: making films. Cash (JM Seneca) worked for ten years at Fix Studio, a commercial post-production company based in Paris. Specialized in VFX and Flame, he worked on big projects (Guerlain, L’Oréal, Tiffany’s, Mercedes, etc.). He is often called on shooting sets to supervise Visual Effects. On the side Cash is always ready for action and works with Photograhers and Filmmakers, to improve his skills and creative abilities. In 2016, Cash became freelance. Cash knows the advertising business and has a sharp technical knowledge. Tango spent the last years in artistic creation and always looked for new challenges pushing his creativity. ​Today, their goal is to share their talent and know-how with ambitious production companies and brands to make modern and aesthetical films. They also work directly with the clients on some projects, and like to embrace the challenge of being part of the creative process from the beginning until the end.
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