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Business Development Internship (For-Credit)

Business Development Internship (For-Credit)

The Mission: Business Development Intern 

We've implemented multiple lead generation strategies (tailored emailing campaigns, linkedin automated campaigns, cold calling, qualified lead etc) and we need to ramp up our lead generation efforts in the US. 

Primary Duties: 

  • Creating and monitoring our lead generation strategy. This may include cold calling, email Campaigns, in-person meetings, & general outreach. 
  • Facilitating client research, contact list building, and data entry for lead profiles.  
  • Managing First-Contact communications for our client generation funnel. 
  • Implementing new strategies & approaches to generate leads & potential leads. 
  • Utilizing a data-driven methodology to improve efficacy of our approach 
  • Strategic vision: we are always trying to improve our model and we will ask you to help us in building our overall company strategy.

Secondary Duties

  • Assisting with Office Production Assistant tasks when in production & wrapping projects. This may include data entry, credit card authorizations, vendor request forms, basic accounting, paperwork organization, covid compliance duties, travel scheduling & organization, etc. 
  • Director & Crew Research: researching up-and-coming talents in the video production space in order to onboard new talent. 
  • Utilizing Monday to organize our ongoing projects & pitches. 
  • Researching and implementing new softwares and processes to improve efficiency.  

You are:

  • You are passionate, this is our main criteria.
  • You have experience in business development, lead generation, or sales
  • You are very interested in the media industry
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills. You love to talk to people, understand their needs and provide them with a great solution.
  • You are a team player and you want to grow with your colleagues.
  • You are open-minded and interested in working in an international environment.
  • You are a problem solver & out-of-the-box thinker.