Project Manager Internship on Right.Video, The Pinterest of Video

Kickstart your career by integrating into a growing team and working on a tool that will change the way production is done.

Project Manager Internship on Right.Video, The Pinterest of Video

The company

We are Left Productions, the Right Company. Our goal is to free creativity in the video industry (you can read our vision on this link), and we are growing quickly in Los Angeles, Paris and London. We originally started with a YouTube channel dedicated to music, 3èmeGauche, with featured artists such as Bastille, Ben Howard, Kodaline, etc with 150,000 subscribers. We then grew into a full-service creative production company.

We create, produce and post-produce ads, music videos, branded content and we are entering the world of TV series. We are growing fast (with 100% growth per year for the past 6 years, and more this year). We work with big companies (Adidas, Tag Heuer, LVMH, Universal, etc), scale-ups (Zebra, Revolut, Deezer) and many artists (Ofenbach, Tobi Lou, Trip Carter, etc).

We aim to create an innovative model around video production. In that regard, we are developing a Pinterest for video specifically designed for brands, agencies and creators titled, right video. Our goal is to help find the right video references and creators in seconds!

We are a team of 19 full-time passionate people and about 50 freelancers. Our Los Angeles office is in Santa Monica.

The Mission: Project Manager of
You will work hand in hand with both the Co-Founder of Left Productions and the US team. Your goal will be to make sure the platform features the best content and to build a network of creators, producers, marketers and agents.

  • Spot trending content: every day, you will spot the best advertising and music videos. You will develop your eye and your knowledge of the industry. Your selection will appear on the home page and will be sent to users (large groups, agencies and production company).
  • Develop the community: you will create relationships with directors, producers, agencies, brands, etc. You will be in touch with them to understand their expectations and explain to them You will manage all communication aspects around (newsletter, instagram, emailing, press relationships; etc).
  • Manage the platform: you will be responsible for the content and to improve the database on a daily basis. You will work with the developer and the 'taggers' to make sure the platform evolves in the right director.

This is an opportunity that will allow you to have a great vision on the video industry. You will build your network extensively and you will be able to grow rapidly.

You are:

  • Passionate (this is our main criterion).
  • Very interested in media, production and tech
  • Looking to build a network and a career in those industries

Terms / Contact

6 Months with a $1,000 Stipend per month.

Apply directly on this link: