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Social Media Management Internship (For-Credit)

Social Media Management Internship (For-Credit)

The Mission: Social Strategy & Graphic Design Intern 

You will be managing all digital communications for our companies: Left Productions & right.video. Your main goal will be to grow our Instagram accounts & social media presence. We currently have 4k followers on our Left's Instagram. Our goal is to get in a year to 50k followers. Moreover we need to build a strategy around right.video's instagram.

Other Primary Duties: 

  • Our other social networks: Facebook & Linkedin.
  • Graphic Design: You will assist in the designing of Graphic assets for socials alongside working with our art direction team in France to build treatments.  
  • Newsletter: You will create & manage our monthly newsletter for Left Productions.
  • SEO / inbound marketing: you will build an SEO / inbound strategy to generate leads utilizing social networks & email outreach.
  • Strategic Vision: we are constantly rethinking our model and we will ask you to help us in building our overall strategy.
  • Press Relations: You will be working on press releases for all of our content with both US and French media, specialized in video production or not. 
  • Copywriting: You will assist in writing copy for treatments, pitches, and concepts. 

Secondary Duties: 

  • When in production, you may be asked to assist with on-set tasks in a production assistant role. 
  • Director & Crew Research: researching up-and-coming talents in the video production space in order to onboard new talent.

We have a very transparent culture, and we are looking to build a highly creative team.

You are:

  • You are passionate, this is our main criteria.
  • You have shown exceptional performance on Instagram.
  • You are a problem solver & an ability to adapt and improve & think outside of the box. 
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills. You love to talk to people, understand their needs and provide them with a great solution.
  • You are a team player.
  • You like challenges and you want to grow
  • You have a graphic design skill set with references to show.