Student writer for's blog

Write articles for's blog, a creative video search designed for the video industry

Student writer for's blog

The company

We are Left Productions, a creative production company based in Los Angeles and Paris. We aim to create an innovative model. In that regard, we developed a creative video search engine designed for producers, brands, agencies, directors and art directors called, right video. Our goal is to make it easier to find the perfect video references and creators for their projects.

The Mission: writer for's blog

Your goal will be to write 1000 words article about the video industry. You will work remotely and write on such topics as The Best Production Companies in the World, Best Music Video Directors in the US, Best Apple Ads, Superbowl ads, Most viral music videos, etc. Compensation will be $50 per article (you will invoice us and we will wire you the money).

You are:

  • Passionate (this is our main criterion).
  • Very interested in media, production and tech
  • A good writer
  • Looking to build a network and a career in those industries
  • A native English speaker

Start: ASAO

Apply directly on this link: