Writer and copywriter for right.video and Left - Alternance

Develop right.video's blog and write scripts for Left

Writer and copywriter for right.video and Left - Alternance

We are looking to hire a writer & copywriter "en alternance" to contribute to right.video, the search engine for the video industry, and Left Productions.

The Company

We are Left Productions, a production company based in Los Angeles, Paris and with teams in London. We started 10 years ago with a YouTube channel dedicated to music, 3èmeGauche, with featured artists such as Bastille, Ben Howard, Kodaline, etc with 150,000 subscribers. We then grew into a full-service creative production company 8 years ago. We work with big brands (Adidas, Tag Heuer, LVMH, Universal, etc), scale-ups (Zebra, Revolut, Deezer) and many artists (T-Pain, Ofenbach, Tobi Lou, Trip Carter, etc). We are genuinely passionate about what we do and our goal is to free creativity in the video industry (you can read our vision on this link).

We produce ads, music videos and we are looking to get in the world of series. We are looking to build an innovative model: we work with agencies and brands, we can manage everything from creation to post-production, we leverage tech to optimize and process everything we can to spend less time on time-consuming tasks and focus on creativity, strategy and building meaningful relationships. You can find a video explaining our methods on this link.

We have created right.video, a search engine for the video industry, designed for brands, agencies and creators to help them find the right video references and creators faster. Our ultimate goal with this tool is to help create connection between brands, agencies and creators.

We are a team of about 10 full-time people in France + many freelancers and 2 full-time in Los Angeles and our goal is to expand fast in the US. We are currently based in Voltaire in Paris and we will be moving in a really nice office in Pantin, near BETC(with a movie theater and a swimming pool :)).


The Mission: Writer and copywriter

You will be writing articles and scripts for right.video and Left. Your missions will include:

  • Write articles about the video industry on right.video: we are looking to write as many relevant articles as possible for the video industry on right.video to build our SEO strategy and get traffic from brands, agencies, creators, producers, directors, etc.
  • Write scripts and concepts for Left: you will also write scripts and concepts for Left Productions, for ads and music videos.
  • Strategic vision: we are constantly rethinking our model and we will ask you to help us in building our overall strategy.

We have a very transparent culture, and we are looking to build a highly creative team.

You are:

  • You are passionate, this is our main criteria.
  • Your friends say that you are very creative
  • You have excellent interpersonal skills. You love to talk to people, understand their needs and provide them with a great solution.
  • You are a team player.
  • You like challenges and you want to grow in the video industry.
  • You are a native English speaker.


You will be hired "en alternance" which means you will work at Left Productions while continuing your studies.

Annual Gross Salary: 9 791€

Contact: please apply directly through this link.