Born in Paris, Yohan grew up in nebulous Marseille and has been drawn into a career as a director of delightful fashion films, hyper realistic fiction for hip-hop music videos, branded films for A-List football clubs, and has collaborated with subculture magazines such as Tracks and Technikart. His work reflects the collision of different influences: music, art, sport, and a certain vision of society. Yohan deeply immerses himself in each project, always touches lightly the soul of his characters and likes to let them play. His approach is meticulous, and he takes delight in carefully treating his frames and settings while making a palpable emotional filtering. His commercial work includes campaigns for high-profile brands such as: Adidas, IBM, HP, Toyota, Ikea, L'Oréal, Louis Vuitton America's Cup, Allianz, Laroche Posay, Orange, Coca-Cola, Olympique de Marseille, Lille OSC, as well as international organisations such as Unitaid.