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We make videos that generate sales

Get 3 ideas for your video specifically designed to grow your acquisition
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We give you a creative brief with about 20 questions. We then come back to you with 3 creative ideas designed to increase your sales and your acquisition, while keeping a "viral twist".
We produce your video & provide you with many different versions
video camea
We don't simply provide you with a video we provide you with different versions (different lengths, introductions, call to actions...). We even provide you with banners and gifs for your display campaigns and content strategy.
Test your different versions and launch your campaign on the winning video!
funny dog
You can then A/B test the different versions of your videos, and select the video that achieves the best performance. The video will have a global impact on your cost of acquisition (we have reduced the CPA of Balinea by 25%, for example).

Here is what they say about us

"I needed a video fast and Left Productions delivered. I was really impressed with the result and their method. I definitely recommend them"
Mathilde Collin – CEO - Front
Based in San Francisco.
"Our cost per acquisition dropped by 25% with the campaign we created with Left Productions. They really understood what we wanted and delivered in a short timeframe. I truly recommend them."
Gaulthier de Robillard – CMO - Balinea
Based in Paris
"Left Productions is extremely dedicated. They understand your brand, they create great concepts and are there when you need them. Our campaign currently runs in 3 countries (UK, France, Germany) as well as in the London tube, and I love it!"
Camille Genevard – Sales & Marketing director - Medicanimal
Basée à Londres
"Left Productions found a great concept for us that we used online and in movie theaters. What a pleasure to hear a crowd laugh at your ad!"
Jacqueline Selakovitch – Communication & marketing dir - Smerep
Based in Paris
"We quadrupled our sales since we started the campaign with Left Productions. The campaign got Claricup closer to becoming a mainstream brand"
Clarisse Lecourt – Founder - Claripharm
Based in Saint-Alban, Bretagne
"You explained very well a complex product and you made people want to know more about it. Well done!"
Emilia Jevakhoff – COO - Winddle
Based in Shanghaï
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