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Jack Burke

Since leaving his position in 2013 as the in-house director and production specialist for YouTube, Jack’s directorial brand work includes campaigns for GAP, Malibu, Google, Pinterest, Adidas, and Booking.com. Short films include; ‘FELICITY’, ‘MY LONDON’ (Winner of the East End Film Festival 2014) ‘NEW GODS’ (official selection; New York Film Festival 2016; Leeds International Film Festival 2016; London Independent Film Festival 2016); the featurette ‘RINGO’ (13,000 online views) and ‘THE CHIP SHOP’ (long listed for 2014 Reed Film Competition) Along side his short films, Jack also showcases music videos, documentary work and micro-shorts on his YouTube Channel, with 27,000+ subscribers to-date and totalling over 600,000+ channel views. Currently Jack is submitting his latest short film ‘IMMACULATE HEART’ to international film festivals, while gearing up to take on his first feature in 2017.
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