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As you may have seen on our vision page, our goal is to free creativity in the video industry. We try and optimize everything to focus on what's really important: creativity, strategy and relationships. Check out the video below to see how!

We’ve analysed every part of the production process, and re-thought each step to create the best customer experience possible.


For moodboards, we created a tool that is bit like Pinterest, but for video: on right.video you can find references to help you better communicate the look and feel of the video you want to produce. There are already about 15,000 videos referenced, and hundreds of amazing creators listed.


Once we decide to move forward together, you will sign your contract online. Any revisions are easily tracked, and there’s no need to print, sign manually or scan.

Project management

You will then have access to a dedicated dashboard where you will see all the assets we will be producing for you, for instance: a hero video, cutdowns, photos, etc. You will be able to ask questions directly, see the latest links and validate output directly here. Nothing will get lost in endless email chains ever again.

Post-production and feedbacks

When reviewing video, you will be able to give your feedback directly at the right moment in the video and your comments will be reported onto the editors timeline, so none of your comments will ever get lost.

And much more

These are just examples. We use the latest tech tools for translation and versioning management, casting, hiring freelance talent, managing crews and call times, and more to avoid wasting time and focus on making the best videos possible for you.

Let’s chat about your next video projects: contact us here.