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Is it possible to know the performance of your competitors on YouTube?

Like everyone else, you would like to know if you are better than your competitors on YouTube! Unfortunately YouTube does not give their performance, but fortunately, we are here to tell you how to cheat!

Thanks to the tips below, you will be able to see that Coca-Cola has more than twice the number of views of Pepsi (526M vs 210M views), but you will also see that Coca-Cola generates 2 times less Likes (1,5 vs 2,5 /1 000 views) !

What about your competitors? Do they make more views? Do they generate more like, comments, subscriptions? The world of Youtube data is now open to you!

Find the number of views and subscribers of the last 30 days

On wiztracker, you can easily find the number of views and subscribers of any channel for the last thirty days. On your homepage, search for the name of the channel, top right corner of your screen. On the channel page, you will find what you are looking for on the channel's banner.

Find the engagement rate

Right next to the number of views, subscribers and videos, you will find 2 insightful indicators quantifying the level of engagement of your community toward your channel: the number of likes and the engagement applied to 1,000 views.

Predict the channel's evolution

VidStatsX offers forecasts. If you want to know such projections in terms of subscribers and views of Pepsi, go to the page devoted to the brand channel via the green button "Search and Submit" at the top of the homepage of the site. Once arrived at destination, the tables that interest you are located at the bottom of the page.

Compare your channel with another

This is VidStatsX's most interesting tool. When you're on you're channel page, use the 5th tab starting from the left titled "Compare". You can then enter the name of one or two of your competitors. The website will direct you to two graphs and two charts. The two graphs show a comparison between the numbers of new subscribers and last month's views per day. The charts show the same data but on the 6 last months.

Feel free to use these tools wisely to watch over your competitors!

And if you are not satisfied with the comparison, we can always help you in building your audience !

4 February 2015

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