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Left Productions rated top UK video production company.

It’s no secret that the best companies listen to their market. In a recent blog post, we highlighted the importance of offering a simple, yet crucial insight to make advertising effective. At Left, we’re in the business of helping craft these insights to help our clients expand their markets. Our experienced team has worked with some truly amazing partners on unique, engaging ads and brand content. We’re grateful that these partners are now speaking up, helping Left Productions rank as the top UK video production company and among top UK advertising agencies on Clutch.


Clutch is a research firm based in Washington, DC. Their work, which covers thousands of advertising, creative, and video production companies worldwide, helps buyers navigate the complex business services marketplace. Using a proprietary research methodology, Clutch examines over one dozen factors representing agencies’ ability to deliver results and excellent client experiences.


Chief among Clutch’s methodology are client interviews. Analysts at the firm speak via phone with clients, using an interview-style set of questions to assess the services offered in the engagement and their impact on the client.

Left Productions' top Clutch rating

We’re proud that several of our clients have already taken the time to speak with Clutch, leaving us 5-star reviews. Here are some of the great things our clients have had to say about our advertising and explainer videos:


"Their attention to quality in a tight timeline was extraordinary."


“Overall, we have found it very beneficial to have the video. We feature very prominently on the on the homepage of our website, and it's been very useful in our dialogue with potential customers.”


When asked about our project management, our clients continued:


“They were super awesome. They were very responsive. Their team was in France, and I was in San Francisco. Because of that, you would think the time difference could be a problem for effective communication. In the end, it wasn't a problem at all. I actually felt like we were communicating more than some people who live in the city.”


“Their attention to quality in a tight timeline was extraordinary. It is a quality video with great actors, and it met all our requirements. Looking at it, you would think it would have taken much longer than it did.”


“They were great all the way through. They were responsive and willing to make changes when we had something that we needed to tweak. They got it done very quickly, and we were very pleased with the quality of it. It does exactly what we needed it to do.”


We’re excited to see where our client’s comments will take us in Clutch’s research. To find out more about what our clients have had to say about our work, check out our Clutch profile.

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