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TF1, M6 and Canal + on YouTube

TV Channels now take YouTube seriously

It is now official: the standoff between TF1 and YouTube with regards to litigious content from TV channels has ended. Even better: TF1 is now thinking about a collaboration with the platform, to launch YouTube channels used to broadcast its TV content and develop original creations as well. By doing so, TF1 would follow Canal+ and M6 in this transition. Let’s remind everyone that Canal + bought studio bagel and has developed a range of YouTube channels around its program Canal Factory. As for M6, the channel already developed YouTube channels Golden Mustacheand pink carpet, and has just launched cover garden.

Studio Babel Canal+
Cover Garden M6

Producers and agencies also get on YouTube

While TV channels have only started realizing the importance of digital and YouTube, a lot of actors from the audiovisual landscape have realized it a while ago, and are able to carry out significant projets. For instance, the agency Hello Denizen, with the campaign "tiny hamsters" which created a big buzz. As for production company Endemol, they invested €30M in a premium channel network led by its new digital label, «Endemol beyond”. On a larger scale, traditional players are trying to catch up with web talents by partnering with them, and it works, as illustrated by the volume of audience reached by the channels that have partnered with the YouTubers.


At Left Productions we have understood this very well, and we are focusing more then ever on innovative and collaborative projects ! Latest projects: a collaboration with VEVO to develop their program VEVO DSCVR in France (to be discovered soon), and the shooting of a music video with YouTuber to help the Téléthon…

12 December 2014

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